Gaga Facial Lifting Device LED


description :

TECHNOLOGY FOR BIONIC MICRO-CURRENT STIMULATION tightens the skin and moulds beautiful face lines by stimulating muscles using biological currents in the human body and near micro-currents.
[EXTERNAL PULSE DESIGN BY TENS] Upgraded version of 4 massage heads, automated massage mode, can massage arms, thighs, calves, belly, waist, buttocks, and other sections
6 Gears, Level 1-2: These recently touched items are designed for persons who have thin cuticles and are susceptible to stress. Level 3-4: For those with moderately strained masseter hypertrophy and a double chin, use the product for 3-5 weeks. Levels 5-6: For persons who have been taking the product for around 3 months, such as those with a broad and flat mandible or people with various facial disorders who are under significant stress.
[APPROPRIATE DESIGN] ABS material, safe and long-lasting. a relaxing and enjoyable experience Wireless operation is both free and easy, and skin care may be performed at any time and from any location. It is little and attractive, and it can be folded and stowed to be taken and utilized anywhere at any time. Travel and home furnishing require a 180° folding ring design. Wireless remote control, adjustable gear
[FLEXIBLE CHARGING] The gadget is charged through USB, and there is a USB charging connector on the side that plugs into the power cable. It may be charged fast and linked via a variety of devices, including laptops and portable power supplies.

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