PiPo Facial Blackhead Remover Electric

Professional & Efficient Blackhead Removal: Removes blackheads, grease, and acne while effectively cleaning the oil, pollutants, and dust particles in closed pores. Increases blood circulation and skin elasticity, cleans the skin, tightens loose skin, reduces wrinkles, shrinks pores, smoothes fine lines, and makes the pores fine and soft, fair- complexioned and smooth. Advanced microdermabrasion treatment and clever vacuum suction technology with high suction are combined in this electric pore cleaner to properly clean your facial skin. Any corner of the face may be cleaned with 5 different suction heads. Your skin will be more elastic and compact with an oval hole head. A different head can be used to get rid of dead skin.
Safe and dependable blackhead removal instrument: The BLAAGA blackhead removal pore vacuum dust is built of durable ABS material and use efficient physical ways to address skin issues. It is free of poisonous and dangerous chemicals. It's both safer and more effective than traditional techniques of face washing. It is also an excellent present for protecting the skin of family and friends.

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